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About Freshka

About Freshka Design













Freshka Design was launched in 2010, when founder Andrea Donner, story-painter and designer made herself busy by painting unique pictures to the walls of kids’ rooms. The characters she used were all her own designs. While painting walls, she couldn’t stop thinking that Freshka was more than just paintings or drawings – it gradually evolved to become a word on its own!
That’s when Andi asked her co-founder Tünde Mike, to create the first crochet- figure: Zebulon. The joy of working together and the early success of Zebulon proved that Freshka, indeed, was more than just paintings: the fall of 2012 saw the debut of the first crochet-collection of Freshka. The soft, colorful toy animals are adored by kids and grown-ups, furthermore, it didn’t take long for the first collectors to appear! “Zachary and friends” have, by now, developed a substantial fan-base, with some 4000 Facebook followers. The team also made its international launch at the Baby Expo in Vienna, earlier this year. From then on, Freshka continues to receive orders from the entire region.
The two young designers, Andi and Tünde aimed to create soft, unique and adorable characters, using raw materials that make Freshka toys truly suitable for all ages. That’s why they use 100% cotton thread, stuffing their toys with 100% foamed polystyrene. The materials used guarantee that all of the toys are washable, that they will hold their shape after washing, and that they are suitable for newborn babies, too.



 Mike Tünde